Honey Festival first landed on the Rockaway Boardwalk back in 2011. Originally produced by Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, it began with modest intentions: an opportunity for the apiarists of New York City to celebrate NYC's pollinators, the end-of-summer harvest, and to sell honey and hive-products. That first festival was a smash success: not only did vendors find customers eager for access to local, sustainably produced honey, but it was also a wonderful opportunity to connect the community with our greater ecosystem, and the crucial role that honey bees play therein. 

Honey Festival has continued to flourish in the years to follow under the loving care of a rotating cast of producers, including Jessica Austerlitz, Steve Rogenstein (currently running Barcelona's Honey Week), Tom Wilk of Wilk Apiary, and currently the Queens Beekeepers Guild, Inc.
We can't wait for this September's week of festivities! In the meantime, follow us on social media and catch the buzz.